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HAES Expert  Deb Burgard

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Deb Burgard, PhD, PSY13415
20065 Stevens Creek Blvd
Building B, Suite 1C
Cupertino , CA  95014
United States
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 650-321-2606

Occupation: Psychologist
Area(s) of Expertise: Activism/Advocacy, Fat Studies, Mental Health/Psychology

Description: I have been using and developing the Health at Every Size model in my work since the early 80's. I had been teaching my dance classes for large women and running eating disorder inpatient groups, and I realized I was working with the healthiest fat women and the sickest thin women. Having the privilege of seeing that weight and health are not inevitably linked, and seeing the terrible toll of weight preoccupation/obsession on my patients across the weight spectrum, as well as learning that people can accept and love the bodies they have, have all made me a passionate advocate for a change in our clinical interventions and public health messages. A recent proud accomplishment has been the adoption of the HAES-inspired "Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs" by the Academy for Eating Disorders (at, where I co-chair the HAES Special Interest Group.
Groups Offered: Body Positive groups for adults; consultation for clinicians: consultation groups on HAES, eating disorders, interdisciplinary teams

Workshops Offered: Sustainable Eating; Using HAES in Clinical Practice; Stereotype Management Skills for People from Stigmatized Groups

Presentations: ** What is Health at Every Size? ** Empirical Support for Health at Every Size ** HAES Myths and Realities ** Developing Body Trust in the Treatment of Eating Disorders ** Stereotype Management Skills ** The Emotional Immune System ** Weight and Shape Concerns in the Queer Community ** Normative Eating Disorders among Gay Men and the Perpetuation of Pro-Ana Culture ** Developing Body Positive Culture in (your Gym) (your Dorm) (your Workplace) ** Body Image as a Relationship ** How to Appreciate the Body You Have: The Profound and Daunting Responsibility of Caring for One's Body ** Exercise as a Foreign Language ** No Point in a Temporary Change: Making Health Practices Sustainable ** Healthism as a Vehicle for the Oppression of Fat People ** How to be Helpful to Your Fat Patients when You Can't Make Them Thin ** The Nocebo Affect of Predicting Doom from Fat: Information or Curse? ** Health Research Literacy for Journalists and the Public ** Features of Dieting that Entrench the Belief in Weight Control ** Dieting and Weight Beliefs as a Secular Religion ** If I Could Just Lose Weight My Life Would be Perfect: Seductions of the Fantasy of Being Thin ** This Wouldn't have Happened if I Were Thin: Weight Blame as a Barrier to Acceptance and Effective Action ** Giving Up the Pursuit of Thinness: Loss or Liberation?

Books Written: Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women (with Pat Lyons)

Articles Written: ** “The Weight-Inclusive versus Weight-Normative Approach to Health: Evaluating the Evidence for Prioritizing Well-Being over Weight Loss”, Tylka, T.L.,. Annunziato, R.A., Burgard, D., Daníelsdóttir, D., Shuman, E., Davis, C., & Calogero, R.M. ** "Developing Body Trust," in Maine, Margo et al. (Eds.), Effective Clinical Practice in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: The Heart of the Matter. NY: Routledge, 2009 ** "What is Health at Every Size?" in Rothblum, Esther, and Solovay, Sondra (Eds.). The Fat Studies Reader. New York: NYU Press, in press. ** Guest editor of "Lesbians and Body Image." Special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies. Vol. 12#4, 2008. ** "Body Positive" column on body image issues (regular feature in Health at Every Size Journal (formerly Healthy Weight Journal), 2004 - 2007. ** "Weight and Shape Concerns in the LGBTIQ Community" community outreach brochure for ** Case Study, "HAES Concepts in Action" in Kratina, Karin, et al., Moving Away from Diets, 2nd Edition. Lake Dallas, Texas: Helm Publishing, 2003. ** "Creating Body Positive Culture to Treat a Culture-Bound Syndrome" (fall 2002) and "Is traditional dieting wholly incompatible with the principles of the HAES approach?" (fall 2001). William Davis (Ed.) Renfrew Perspective. ** "Are two interventions worse than none? Joint primary and secondary prevention of eating disorders in college females," Traci Mann et al., Health Psychology, 16, 215-225, 1997. ** "Alternatives in obesity treatment: Focusing on health for fat women," with Pat Lyons, in Fallon, Katzman, and Wooley (Eds.), Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders. NY: Guilford Press, 1994.

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