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HAES Expert  Joanne Ikeda

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Joanne Ikeda, MA, RD
1777 View Drive
San Leandro , CA  94577
United States
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 510-895-5300
Cell: 510-306-5034
Fax: 510--351-8147

Occupation: Nutritionist/Dietitian
Organization/Business Name: Nutrition Consulting
Area(s) of Expertise: Education/Teaching, Nutrition, Research - Academic & Science

Description: Frances Berg and I coined the term, "Health At Every Size" to use in describing this non traditional approach to weight management. I was the first person to attempt to define HAES by publishing HAES tenets in the mid-1990's.
Presentations: Using a HAES Approach with Children How a War on Obesity is Hurting our Children HAES VS Traditional Approaches to Weight Management

Books Written: Ikeda, Joanne P. and Priscilla Naworski, Am I Fat? Helping Young Children Differences in Body Size, ETR Associates, Santa Cruz, CA, 1992, 117 pages.

Articles Written: Ikeda, Joanne P, Nancy Amy, Paul Ernsberger, Glenn Gaesser, Francie Berg, Claudia Clark, Ellen Parham, Paula Peters, "The National Weight Control Registry: A Critique," Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, July-August, 2005, vol. 37, No. 4. pp.203-5. Ikeda, Joanne P., Patricia Crawford, Gail Woodward-Lopez, "BMI Screening in Schools: Helpful or Harmful," Health Education Research, November 2006, Vol. 21, pp.761-769Ikeda, Joanne P. and Rita A. Mitchell, "Dietary Approaches to the treatment of pediatric overweight," in Compendium Series, Obesity, Helix communications, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2002, pp.17-19. Ikeda, Joanne P, Patricia Lyons, Flavia Schwartzman, and Rita Mitchell, "Self-Reported Dieting Experiences of Women with Body Mass Indexes of 30 or More," Journal of the American Dietetic Association, April 2004, Vol 104, pp. 972-974. Ikeda, Joanne P, "Casualties of the War on Childhood Obesity," Health At Every Size Journal, March/April 2004, Vol. 18, pp. 25-27

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