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ASDAH is grateful to our
2015 ASDAH Educational Conference Sponsors

Gold Sponsors:

Green Mountain at Fox Run

Soolman Nutrition

Silver Sponsors:


Oliver-Pyatt Center

Bronze Sponsors:

Amanda's Big Dream

Be Nourished

Body Matters

Endangered Bodies NY

Becoming an ASDAH Sponsor
Sponsorship is recognized as (1) Underwriting the cost of a particular part of an ASDAH event such as a keynote speaker, event materials, special attraction, AV equipment,  OR (2) Financially supporting some ongoing organizational function of ASDAH such as the newsletter, website, OR (3) Financially supporting ASDAH through a significant monetary or service contribution.

Any person or organization interested in becoming an ASDAH Sponsor in conjunction with the ASDAH Conference should send an email to our Conference Committee and those interested in general ASDAH sponsorship should send an email to our Internal Policy Committee.

Benefits of Sponsorship:
Benefits are based on the size and type of sponsorship and will be negotiated on a sponsor-by-sponsor basis.  Benefits may include: recognition on the ASDAH website with a link to an individual or organization website; logo and/or service information on event promotional materials; tabling/booth at an event; presentation opportunity at an event, or other agreed upon benefits.
Sponsors Guidelines:
All Sponsors, whether individuals or organizations, must be engaged in work or volunteer activities which are consistent with the ASDAH mission, goals, and HAES® principles.

Affiliate Status with ASDAH
Some publishers, projects and/or providers of services/products have Affiliate Status with ASDAH, noted in resource citations as appropriate. This status may result in a percentage of sales being donated to ASDAH and/or discounted prices being made available to ASDAH members. Please contact our Internal Policy Committee if you are considering supporting ASDAH by establishing Affiliate Status.

The guidelines ASDAH follows in establishing Affiliate Status are:
(1) The product/service/project/publication being considered for Affiliate Status must be produced or
      sponsored by an ASDAH member.
(2) The product/service/project/publication being considered for Affiliate Status must be consistent
       with the ASDAH mission, goals, and HAES® principles.
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