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ASDAH Member Benefits

When you join ASDAH you become part of a vibrant, non-profit organization with an international membership, committed to the Health At Every Size® (HAES ®) Principles.  As a member, you will contribute your personal and professional expertise to help fulfill ASDAH’s mission to partner with service providers, educators and advocates to dismantle weight-centered health policies and practices, ensuring that people who live with multiple forms of oppression are focusing our work.

ASDAH members know that health is measured by many factors, including the right to be peaceful in one’s body. We invite you to join us in this new “peace movement” as we pave the way for the shift to a Health At Every Size®
paradigm throughout the world.

The following benefits are ONLY available to ASDAH members

Email Discussion Group:

Your opportunity to interact directly with pro-HAES professionals and activists from around the world.

Individual Members "HAES® Expert" Page

Members who indicate agreement with the HAES Experts Guidelines may submit an individualized profile page to be approved and made accessible to the public. This page will include any information you would like visitors to our website to view about you & your HAES-focused work. A great resource to help people find and access your expertise and services!

ASDAH Newsletter and/or Member Alerts:

You'll have access to archived issues of the ASDAH Newsletter and be sent new issues if they are published, and/or receive Member Alerts with up-to-date info on ASDAH events, HAES articles and more.

Members Directory Page:

Provides easy access to current ASDAH member names, contact phone number and/or email for member-to-member communications and direct referrals. (NOT for marketing or mass mailings)

ASDAH/HAES® Business Cards:

If you would like to be sent 10-20 ASDAH/HAES business cards to spread the HAES message and identify yourself as an ASDAH member, you may request them by emailing the 
ASDAH Membership Director. These professionally printed full color cards include the HAES® principles on one side and the ASDAH logo and contact information on the other.  


Membership is open to anyone who supports the Mission, Vision, and Values of ASDAH (view) and whose work as a professional or advocate is in alignment with the Health At Every SizeⓇ Principles (view). To reflect the organization's commitment to being inclusive and eliminating barriers to participation, membership is not restricted by capacity to pay.

Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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