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A Fat Rant: Joy Nash
Actress Joy Nash provides a humorous and wise introduction to fat acceptance. Click to view more of Joy's videos on her YouTube Channel. . . .
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Because Who Is Perfect by Pro Infirmis
(Published Dec. 2, 2013) - Disabled mannequins will be eliciting astonished looks from passers-by on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse today. Between the perfect mannequins, there will be figures with scoliosis or brittle bone disease modelling the latest fashions. One will have shortened limbs; the o . . .
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Fat and Identity Politics, Paul Campos, UCLA
November 2010 - Source: youtube UCLA Center for the Study of Women presents Paul Campos, author of "The Obesity Myth: Why America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health." In this talk, he discusses efforts to make fat people thin, through weight-loss diets, drugs, and surger . . .
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Fat Shaming & The Thin Epidemic: Jill Andrews at TedXYorkU
(Published Mar. 16, 2014) - Jill Andrew's lively body image talk addresses fat shaming, fat euphemisms (i.e. plus fashion), and strategies to address what she calls the pervasive "thin epidemic." Jill, a PhD student at York University, draws a parallel between 'fatness' and 'blacknes . . .
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HAES® 2.0: Introducing the New Health At Every Size® Principles
With ASDAH President Fall Ferguson, JD, MA In 2014, the Association for Size Diversity and Health released the updated Health At Every Size® principles, expanding upon the original principles released in 2003. With this major revision comes not only with an expansion of previous underst . . .
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Health at Every Size - For Individuals Wanting to Lose Weight
Linda Bacon presents the HAES perspective for individuals wanting to lose weight. Click to view . . .
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Health at Every Size - Health Providers Edition
Linda Bacon presents: Health At Every Size® - Health Providers Edition. Click to view . . .
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Joy & Kelly Debate Meme Roth
Click to view Joy Nash (Fat Rant) & Kelly Bliss debate Meme Roth (short version). Click to view the full version and the accompanying interview of Kelly & Joy debating Meme.   . . .
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Katherine M. Flegal, Weight and Mortality: The Population Perspective, UCLA
November, 2010 - Source:  youtube In this talk, Katherine M. Flegal, Senior Research Scientist Distinguished Consultant and National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discusses the relation of obesity to mortality continues to be a contentious and . . .
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Marilyn Wann: Fighting Fat Fear, UCLA
November, 2010 - Source:  youtube UCLA Center for the Study of Women presents Marilyn Wann, activist and the author of Fat! So?: Because You Don't Have to Apologize for Your Size (Ten Speed Press, 2004), with a talk entitled "Fighting Fat Fear During the War on "Obesity." Weight . . .
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NAAFA Fight Fat Discrimination Now
Powerful YouTube video NAAFA compiled.  Click to view . . .
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Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes? (TedMed)
 (Published June 25, 2013) As a young ER doctor, Peter Attia felt contempt for a patient with diabetes. She was overweight, he thought, and thus responsible for the fact that she needed a foot amputation. But years later, Attia received an unpleasant medical surprise that led him to wonder . . .
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Public Displays of Adiposity
PDA Nation (Public Displays of Adiposity) channel on YouTube. Click to view videos. . . .
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Put the joy back into health
Surgeon General Regina Benjamin recorded a New Year’s message in early January 2012 exhorting us to “Put the Joy Back in Health.”  [Caution: this video does contain one regrettable reference to “wanting to fit into a smaller pair of jeans.”]  Click . . .
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Stephen Colbert:
Amy Farrell, contributor to the Fat Studies Reader and author of a forthcoming NYUP book called Fat Shame, took her message to the Colbert Report last night. Developing what she and the volume editors had started in separate appearances on the Brian Lehrer Show, she drove home the need to distance o . . .
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The Body and Its Image
October 4, 2008 - Source:   youtube Roundtable discussion with Marina Abramovic, Paul Campos, Sander Gilman, Marcel Kinsbourne, and Sabine Wilhelm. Click to view video . . .
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The Fat Body (In)visible
"Kudos to fat activist Margitte Kristjansson, whose new video, "The Fat Body (In)Visible," is a compelling look at the world of fat acceptance and what it's like to be a fat woman in America today." Click to view video. . . .
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Why It's Okay to Be Fat: Golda Poretsky at TEDxMillRiver
(Published May 19, 2013) - "Golda's struggles with weight and body image started early -- she went on her first diet at age 4 when kids in nursery school started calling her fat. For the next 24 years, she tried every diet imaginable until she realized she could make a different choice -- acce . . .
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