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Fat Studies
Fat Studies List
Fat studies is an important area of academic scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. The fat studies group is a discussion forum for people engaged in academic work on this topic and for people who seek to create social change around weight oppression. This is not a forum for promotion of the goal of weight loss.

Fat Studies Resources at Fat Dialogue: an interactive fat studies hub is an online Fat Studies discussion, resource and information hub. The site aims to provide a diverse interactive and interdisciplinary space for those involved in Fat Studies scholarship, fat positive art and fat political activism.

More of Me to Love: Size Doesn't Matter. You Do.
The Poets of Fat Poets Speak. Visit "More of Me to Love" for Interviews.

Resources List: Weight Realities Division of the Socieity for Nutrition Education
July, 2010. This resource list contains Organizations and Websites; Position Papers; Books, Pamphlets, and Educational Materials, Cirricula, Journal Articles

The Daily Beast articles by Paul Campos
Paul Campos is a professor of law at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of the ground-breaking book, "The Obesity Myth" (aka "The Diet Myth" in paperback).

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