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Helping Without Harming - Kids, Eating, Weight and Health
Robison, Jon; Cool, Carmen; Jackson, Elizabeth and Satter, Ellyn

Absolute Advantage - The Workplace Wellness Magazine: Volume 7, Number 1 - 2007

In this issue of Absolute Advantage, we’re addressing the topic of childhood obesity. With the help of our
guest editor, Dr. Jon Robison and contributing authors Carmen Cool, Elizabeth Jackson, and
Ellyn Satter, we’ve dedicated the pages of this month’s publication to taking on this very important issue.

From a worksite wellness perspective, some may argue that this is not one of the most salient topics that
could be addressed—we disagree. In fact, our country is at a crossroads of sorts. And what has served
us well in the past may not serve us as well in the future. Indeed, we believe that in order to create a
healthier America we have to be much more forward-thinking. Thus, it is essential that we begin to look
at the health and well-being of the next generation of workers.

That being said, I’ll tell you right up front that the articles contained in this issue of Absolute Advantage
will stimulate some significant discussion. Undeniably, there is much disagreement around what works
and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping children (and adults for that matter) healthy. However, the
authors that we’ve selected are wellrespected, well-read, and well-spoken in this important area.

Specifically, the purpose of this issue of Absolute Advantage is to 1.) critically examine the premises on
which the present childhood obesity crisis is built; 2.) document the lack of efficacy and dangers of
current approaches; and 3.) present alternative approaches for parents, teachers, and communities that
will provide help for our children without harming them. Read more (pdf of entire volume).

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