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This resource section provides both a listing of HAES® Experts, and separate pages for books, articles, audio/visual, and websites to enhance visitors understanding of HAES® relevant texts, references, and research articles. The HAES® Experts list will be expanded as ASDAH members submit their public profiles for posting. The listings of books, articles, audio-visual, and websites have been compiled and will be updated by the ASDAH Leadership Team as additional resources come to our attention. If you have items to recommend for consideration please submit the following information to our Website Committee.

•    The classification of the item (i.e. book, article, audio/visual, or website)
•    The identifying information for the item with a link for access as available (organization
      homepage or other source for articles)  
•     A 1-3 line explanation/description from the book jacket, audio/visual cover, website, or other
      published review source (not your personal opinion or original writing)
•     For articles, the first several lines of the article abstract

To find a specific resource, click any of the categories above (in aqua).   Please note that some articles may be found in on-line sources that require registration, login or purchase in order to access the entire article.  Follow the link as available and look for specific instruction.

Some publishers, projects and/or providers of services/products have Affiliate Status with ASDAH, noted in resource citations as appropriate. Additional information on establishing Affiliate Status is available on our donations page.

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