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We are very excited to announce the HAES® Expansion Grant, which has been funded by a generous donation from a supporter of the mission of ASDAH. Their wish is for this funding to be made available for scholarships to support HAES going out into the world to reduce the oppression of fat people. These grants will be available in amounts of $500-1500, with the aim to support well-being, particularly for people oppressed by weight as it intersects with other identities, being prioritized in these grant applications:


Sustainable HAES Education – supporting marginalized* healthcare providers in-training or marginalized wellness advocates/activists, which they could use for training expenses, small projects or to attend conferences, which will allow for long-term growth and expansion of the message of HAES and ASDAH.


Community HAES Advocacy – small projects for those who are focused on supporting and collaborating with marginalized communities (for example, for seasoned HAES professionals to broaden their research or projects to other communities they may have left out of the work) 


Tomorrow’s HAES Leaders & Advocates – providing opportunities for young people in marginalized bodies and or marginalized backgrounds, to develop the knowledge and skills they need to reach their full potential and become leaders and advocates for ASDAH and HAES within their community (ie to participate in training or attend conferences).


*Marginalized Communities refers to individuals or communities impacted by oppression; some examples include communities frequently ignored or left out of research, racialized communities, survivors of violence, LGB and Trans folx, disabled people, and formerly incarcerated individuals. 


ASDAH will not support of fund projects or events that:

  • Promote or are involved with any kind of weight based agenda or discrimination, racial, gender, or religious hatred or discrimination, or any illegal activity.
  • Are for the commercial benefit of an individual or business
  • Contribute towards prize money for professional sport/organizations
  • Those who do not have genuine need


If you are interested, please apply through this form:

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