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Board Nominations & Elections  

What We do on the ASDAH Board

The ASDAH Board is comprised of 9 members, and we work with committee chairs to form the Leadership Team. The main function of the Board is to guarantee ASDAH’s ability to serve its members and fulfill its mission. Our board is also a working board, which means that in addition to visioning and setting direction, we do much of the work of running the organization.


Nonprofit Board members have responsibilities that include:

  • Serving as an ambassador of ASDAH to the public
  • Assessing ASDAH’s direction and evaluating the organization’s purpose, mission, and effectiveness
  • Assessing our progress towards meeting the goals and objectives of our strategic plan
  • Ensuring that ASDAH adequately handles all liability and financial risks
  • Overseeing ASDAH’s annual budgeting process
  • Ensuring that ASDAH is operating within nonprofit best practices
  • Participating actively in board meetings and committees
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What Our Culture Aspires to Be

We strive to be a collaborative, inclusive and conscientious team that always keeps ASDAH’s and its members' interests at the forefront of our work. We want to empower our board members to take the actions they deem necessary and valuable while providing general guidance and support. While aiming to constantly move the organization forward, we hope to do so with thoughtful respect of the past and thorough consideration of the impact of our actions.

Diversity and Accessibility

Please read a statement here written by a previous ASDAH board that addresses our approach and work towards diversity, inclusiveness, accessibility and anti-oppression.


ASDAH especially welcomes nominations from and for people from marginalized communities. Marginalized Communities refers to individuals or communities impacted by oppression; some examples include people of color, LGBQ and Trans folx, fat and superfat people, and disabled people.


Available Positions, Valuable Skills & Expectations

We currently have five positions available in this coming election cycle. The following offers a brief list of the kinds of skills, attitude, etc. that would be advantageous for the person in this position.


  • detail-oriented
  • good note-taking skills
  • organized
  • willingness to get familiar with bylaws and policies
  • a good multi-tasker


Equity Ambassador

  • a commitment to inclusiveness and intersectionality
  • leadership skills
  • organizational skills
  • communication skills
  • lots of initiative and inner drive


At Large Positions (3 Available)

  • project management skills
  • lots of initiative and inner drive
  • excellent at follow-up and follow-through
  • comfortable moving fluidly between leadership and supportive roles


Click here for a list of the responsibilities of each board position.


Approximately 8-10 hours a month are expected, on average, from each board position. This work is a combination of meetings, tasks and projects, some by group and some individually.

Nominations & Election Process

Once the nominations process is announced, anyone may submit their name or someone else’s name (with their permission) for nomination to an available position on the ASDAH board. This should be submitted with a personal statement written from the first-person perspective that is no more than 200 words. By May 13th, the nominations period closes, and starting on May 21st, we will begin a one-week elections period conducted online. At the close of elections, the votes will be tallied and the winners announced as the newest members of the ASDAH Board.


Click here to read the ASDAH by-laws related to board nominations.


Please send all nominations to

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