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Committee Opportunities  

As a volunteer organization, participation from our membership on our various committees is a critical component of ASDAH's progress.

To apply, please fill out our application HERE.

The following includes the list of available committees and the work for which they are currently responsible, as well as some ideas to learn if that committee might be for you:

  • Conference Designs, plans and implements the ASDAH Conference. This committee may be for you if you enjoy event planning and networking, you are detail oriented and a big picture thinking, you want to continue expanding on the successful work ASDAH has done in a public sphere, you are a person of many trades and skills from critical thinking to marketing to project management to execution, you simply want to start getting involved in ASDAH, meeting people and learning the ropes, or you are a seasoned ASDAH member looking to get back into the fray and contribute
  • Education & Blog Designs and implements webinars, workshops, info-graphics, and/or other materials/events that provide education on HAES related topics. Coordinates and manages the Health At Every Size® blog at This committee may be for you if you enjoy devising creative educational strategies that address the learning needs of ASDAH members and non-members, you enjoy creative writing and/or editing, or you enjoy working with technology such as audio-visual and graphic design programs.
  • Inclusiveness Focuses on making ASDAH a more inclusive and welcoming place so that all people and communities are part of the conversation. This committee may be for you if you love social justice work, are interested in topics of intersectionality, you want to see ASDAH become more diverse and inclusive, or you are a member of a marginalized group and/or have some ideas on how to engage partnerships with communities that have been traditionally left out of ASDAH’s scope.
  • Marketing & Social Media Manages the marketing efforts of ASDAH for both internal and external needs, including social media outreach efforts, press releases, marketing materials, and more with a focus on increasing visibility of the HAES approach and ASDAH in different communities. This committee may be right for you if you like to keep up to date with what is going on in the HAES community online, you have experience or interest in developing and disseminating promotional materials, you have experience of interest in using social media platforms (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.), you feel comfortable speaking out about HAES ideas (primarily online), or you have ideas about how ASDAH can make its mission, vision & values more well known.
  • Membership Coordinates new and existing member services, maintains membership records, and manages the ASDAH Yahoo Group. The Membership Committee might be for you if you are organized and like to keep things on track, you want to help work toward more diversity in ASDAH, you would find detail work fulfilling if it helps members, or you would like to participate in new plans to make membership more appealing to non-member HAES advocates.

In order to be considered for committee work, you must be a member in good standing.

To apply, please fill out our application HERE.

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