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ASDAH launched the Health At Every Size® Blog in June 2011. Contributors to the blog include ASDAH members, showing the depth and breadth of perspectives of our membership, as well as others from outside the organization whose work is consistent with ASDAH's mission.  ASDAH members and others are invited to share perspectives and experiences from their specific disciplines to demonstrate how the Health At Every Size® approach can manifest in their professional and/or personal lives.  In addition, the Blog occasionally features interviews with non-members in our “Building Bridges” series that spotlights allies in the health professions. 

Please contact ASDAH's Blog Committee at if you are interested in writing for the blog or if you have an idea for a Building Bridges interview that you'd like to suggest.

Disclaimer: The opinions and conclusions expressed in the Health At Every Size Blog are the opinions of the original authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Association for Size Diversity and Health.



Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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