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Weight Loss Surgery
“AACE: Bariatric Surgery May Just Mask Diabetes”, Fiore, Kristina
April 23, 2010 - Source: BOSTON -- Bariatric surgery may appear to cure diabetes based on measurements such as fasting plasma glucose and hemoglobin A1c, but postprandial glucose may tell a different story, researchers here said. In a case report, a patient who had had b . . .

“Bariatric surgery can lead to premature birth”, Karolinska Institutet
Babies born of women who have undergone bariatric (weight-loss) surgery are more likely to be premature and to be small for gestational age, according to a large registry study carried out at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and published in the BMJ. The researchers believe that these . . .

“Gastric Bands Too Dangerous”, Spero, David
May 4, 2011~ Source:   Gastric banding is all the rage. Seems like everybody’s banding. But how safe and how effective is this surgery? Does it “resolve diabetes,” as surgeons claim? I used to think so. But I was wrong. As years go b . . .

“Lap-Band Critics Decry Excess Rhetoric on Weight”, Salario, Alizah
January 19, 2010 - Source: New Year's resolutions put weight loss at the top of many to-do lists. But that doesn't mean more people should be seriously thinking about bariatric surgery, say critics of a recent FDA advisory ruling on the weight-loss implant. Read . . .

“Study questions Lap-Band's long-term effectiveness”, Pfeifer, Stuart
March 22, 2011 - Source: Los Angeles Times Lap-Band maker Allergan criticizes the European study, which found major complications among many weight-loss patients.A new study conducted in Europe has questioned the long-term effectiveness of the popular Lap-Band weight-loss device, finding that m . . .

“Surgery for weight loss is far from an easy fix”, O'Hara, Lily
October 20, 2009 ~ Source: The Herald The glossy ads don’t tell of the real risks. FIRST there was one or two, then 10 or 20, but now the number of people with stories to tell about the horrors of lap-band surgery is reaching the hundreds. The glossy ads and the celebrity en . . .

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