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Nutrition/Diet Related
“Diets? Not for these folks”, Jameson, Marni
October 12, 2009 ~ Source: Los Angeles Times Weary of counting calories, some overweight people have a new goal -- to be happy and healthy, not thin. By any measure, Maria Canul is full-figured. The single, 37-year-old public relations specialist is 5 feet 2 and a curvy 180 pounds. And li . . .

“Emerging Topics in Weight Management: Challenging Conventional Wisdom”, Chute, Jaclyn
June, 2012 ~ Source:   Part One in a Three Part Series: Introduction Conventional wisdom says that weight is a good indicator of health and that if someone is overweight they are unhealthy.  Furthermore, the idea that people who are overweight sh . . .

“Forgetting to Enjoy May Be Unhealthy”, Lindner, Lawrence
February 25, 2005 ~ Source: The Boston Globe Imagine a day scientists discover that foods you like are more nutritious than those you don't. That day occurred more than 25 years ago. A series of experiments run by researchers in Sweden and Thailand showed that people absorb m . . .

“How Crash Diets, Like the Master Cleanse, Harm Your Health and Heart”, Miller, Bryan
Linda Bacon, PhD , dreads swimsuit season, but not because she has anything against the beach. Instead, the California-based nutritionist fears what the season brings: scores of otherwise health-conscious citizens who subject themselves to deprivation diets (like the Master Cleanse) or intense exe . . .

“Is behavior more important than weight?”, Sygo, J
March 12, 2012 - Source: The Vancouver Sun   Why it might be healthier to accept 'natural sizes' What's more important to your health: eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, or sporting a healthy waist-line? What about an active lifestyle vs. an optimal bo . . .

“It Wouldn't Kill You to Lose a Few Pounds. Or Would It?”, Huget, Jennifer LaRue
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 ~ Source: The Washington Post These days it seems our entire way of life is predicated on the belief that being overweight is terrible for you. We're waging war against the obesity epidemic, which public health experts call one of the great threats to our society. Co . . .

“MeMe Roth's War”, Konigsberg, Ruth Davis
December 05, 2008 - Source:  Elle Magazine   The “antiobesity activist” says genes aren’t to blame for size MeMe Roth is about to get kicked out of a candy store. We’re a few feet inside the door of Hershey’s Times Square, a megashrine to chocolate wi . . .

“New Year's Resolutions: Eating Experts Wish You a Diet-Free New Year ”, Fain, Jean
Before you make yet another New Year's resolution to lose weight for good, now might be a good time to ask yourself Dr. Phil's quintessential question: "How's that working for you?" Better yet, honestly ask yourself: "Why do you keep resolving the same thing year after year after . . .

“Tales of mice and leptin: False promises and new hope in weight control.”, Bacon, Linda
(2003) Challenges the ability of diet programs to either achieve lasting weight loss or to improve health, and question the ethics and value of encouraging dieting as an obesity intervention. Healthy Weight Journal - Volume 17 No.2 - March/April 2003. pgs. 24-27. Click for link to PDF. &nb . . .

“The End of Dieting? ADA Debate Throws Obesity Science Into Doubt”, Bacon, Linda
September 7, 2011 - Source: Online PR Media If dietitians are the front lines in the war on weight, détente may be in the offing. In a first for the influential American Dietetic Association, the organization will pit conventional obesity research against a new paradigm, Health a . . .

“The Fat on Dieting in the New Year”, Shure, Jane
January 18, 2012 - Source: Huffington Post A special New Year's "thanks" is in order to Tara Parker-Pope, health writer for the New York Times Magazine, for setting us on the right track as we begin 2012. While the television stations blast us with dieting ads and the magazine cover . . .

“The Fat Trap”, Parker-Pope, Tara
December 28, 2011 - Source: For 15 years, Joseph Proietto has been helping people lose weight. When these obese patients arrive at his weight-loss clinic in Australia, they are determined to slim down. And most of the time, he says, they do just that, sticking to the clini . . .

“Tossing Out the Diet and Embracing the Fat ”, Katz, Mandy
July 15, 2009 ~ Source: The New York Times FIVE-FOOT-NINE and 184 pounds, Kathryn Griffith, a retired teacher in Oakland, Calif., counted calories for decades, trying everything from the grapefruit diet to a regimen based on cabbage soup. She also did Weight Watchers — 27 times. “I . . .

“Truth Squad: 4-Day Dieting and Other Weight Loss Trends”, Childs, Dan & Chitale, Radha
July 15, 2009 ~ Source: Now that the spring rains have given way to summer heat, many people are searching the Internet, browsing in bookstores, and asking their doctors about the best ways to lose pounds before hitting the beach. But the scope of popular diet advice is broa . . .

“Weight-Management Myths Debunked”, May, Michelle
Normal 0 0 1 943 5378 44 10 6604 11.1282 0 0 0 See why you can eat after 7 p.m., plus get the real story about six other commonly held beliefs Diets are filled with dogma about when, what and how much to eat. Certainly "the rules" are usually ba . . .

“Your Dieting Days Are Numbered: Start Living Your Way to a Healthy Weight”, Roberts, Darryl
January 18, 2012 - Source: Huffington Post It's the third week of January. Are you exhausted yet from counting calories, points, fat grams and carbs? Even if you've managed to make it this long, do you know your dieting days are numbered? Why did you think it would be differen . . .

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