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Health Philosophy & Ethics
“Health as a meaningful social practice”, Crawford, R
(2006) - Source: Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for The Social Study Of Health, Illness and Medicine Abstract: The pursuit of health has become a highly valued activity in modern and contemporary life, commanding enormous resources and generating an expansive profes . . .

“Incentives and Health Promotion: What Do the Data Really Say?”, Kohn, Alfie
2009 ~ Source: Research review (on weight loss) National Business Group on Health’s Institute on the Costs and Health Effects of Obesity, “Financial Incentives -- Summary of the Current Evidence Base:  What (and How) Incentives Work,” 2007:  . . .

“It's Not My Fault”, Jeneen Interlandi
October 14, 2009 Newsweek Why personal responsibility only goes so far in solving our health-care crisis. I am easily the least health conscious person I know. Almost everything I eat is drenched in mozzarella cheese or coated in a thick layer of sugary goo. I abhor vegetables, have v . . .

“Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science”, Freedman, David H
November 2010, Source: The Atlantic Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong. So why are doctors—to a striking extent—still drawing upon misinformation in their everyday practice? Dr. John Ioannidis has spent his c . . .

“To Reward?...Or Not To Reward?: Questioning the Wisdom of Using External Reinforcement in Health Promotion Programs ”, Robison, Jon
Source: American Journal of Health Promotion 1998;13(1):1-3 Positive reinforcement through the use of rewards and incentives is generally accepted as an effective technique to change behavior and is regularly used to help raise children, teach students, and motivate workers. Ironically, . . .

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