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“A workout to remember”, Susan Pigg
10 June 2010 - Source: Shirley Albright has no problem keeping up with the crowd, or the calypso beat, as a buff young fitness instructor puts her through her paces.   It helps that the 83-year-old Toronto woman has been exercising regularly for decades. And it . . .

“Health At Every Size®: Psychosocial Outcomes of a Tailored Exercise Program for Larger Women”, Watkins, Patti Lou., Ebbeck, Vicki., Levy, Susan. and Concepcion, Rebecca
 February 11, 2010 - Source:  Paper presented at The Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) Annual Conference. This study evaluated Feel Wonderfull Fitness (FWF), an exercise program tailored for larger women. Participants were 51 women, 13 in FWF and 19 in low-phys . . .

“More experts say fit and big can happily coexist”, Sheba R Wheeler
(September 28, 2009) Source: The Denver Post Anxiety about an "obesity epidemic" continues to grow in response to almost weekly alarms and studies that report more than half of the U.S. adult population is now overweight or obese. At the same time, the body-acceptance movement is surging, promoti . . .

“Teacher starts 'plus-size' yoga studio after he gets tired of 'being the biggest person in the room'”, Lucadamo, Kathleen
April 12, 2011 - Source: Michael Hayes started Buddha Body Yoga in Union Square for heavy-set people after he was tired of being the biggest person in the room at yoga studios. Downward-facing dog isn't just for the lean and limber anymore.   Yoga c . . .

“Working Out the Kinks in 10 Exercise Myths”, Joseph Brownstein
Experts Tell Whether the Conventional Wisdom About Workouts Holds Up   Feb. 4, 2009— Source: ABC News Medical Unit Exercise is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, but health clubs and gyms are also home to a bulked-up trove of myths. Fortunately, ABC News OnCall+ Well . . .

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