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“A diabetes drug, sitagliptin, also has a potential to prevent diabetes”, Ernsberger, P.
Mar 24, 2011 - Source:  Diabetes type 2 is caused by insufficient levels of insulin to keep blood glucose under control. Excessive levels of another hormone, glucagon, can also contribute to diabetes type 2 by causing the liver to flood the body w . . .

“Diabetes: A Gentle Approach to a Tough Problem”, Rich, Susan Lawrence
Fall 1995 - Source: Dr. Allen B. King and Dr. Dana Armstrong discuss intuitive eating, exercise, and compassionate self care for the treatment of diabetes.  Click to view pdf of article . . .

“HAES® How to Series: Five Health At Every Size® Tips for People with Diabetes”, Association for Size Diversity and Health
November 14, 2011 - Source: Jeanette DePatie, Vice President, ASDAH Many people who are comfortable with the Health At Every Size® approach to wellness in populations who are “apparently healthy” find this approach much more challenging in the face of disease. And perhaps . . .

“Intuitive Eating: Enjoy Your Food, Respect Your Body”, Bacon, L., & Matz, J.
November/December 2010 - Source: Diabetes Self-Management   This article is a valuable resource for people who have diabetes and are looking for ways to care for themselves without a weight loss focus. It has a strong HAES perspective, with great information about ASDAH at th . . .

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