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Body Image
“Ad men today are wrong on body size: Why Lynne Featherstone was right to celebrate curvaceous Christina Hendricks as a role model”, Susie Orbach
July 31, 2010 - Source: The Guardian Christina Hendricks, as seen in Mad Men, was held up as an alternative to the skinny aesthetic by equalities minister Lynne Featherstone. Pity those who are rubbishing the equalities minister Lynne Featherstone's efforts to influen . . .

“Am I too fat ”, Tashakova, Oksana
March, 2011 - Source:  Khaleej Times Online (UAE) Weight obsession has become a worrisome epidemic - and a dangerous buzzword; it’s time we realized that being fit is more important than being thin. According to reports, in 1999, over half of American girls aged 7 to 12 wan . . .

“How to build a positive body image in your child”, Revelant, Julie
August 1, 2012 ~ Source: Many moms have been on a diet, felt insecure about their appearance or tried to change something about themselves because sometime during childhood we got the message that we just didn’t size up. And it’s no surprise that chil . . .

“Stacy London's Low-Snark Approach to Feeling Fine About Your Body”, Jennifer LaRue Huget
April 21, 2009  The Washington Post Stacy London can be awfully snide and snarky. But only when it comes to matters of style. In more than 260 episodes over seven years on the popular cable program "What Not to Wear," London and her co-host, Clinton Kelly, have issued countless . . .

“Why "Obesity Prevention” is Making us Fatter, More Poorly Nourished, and Less Fit—The Need for a New Paradigm for Weight”, Kater, K
March 1, 2010 ~ Source:—Kathy Kater, LICSW Health as a Value vs. Size as a Goal A serious erosion of balanced nutrition and physical activity has contributed to increased health risks, medical problems and inflated rates of obesity in recent decades— . . .

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