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Size Up Workplace Wellness!  

Help us tell employers what's not working for you about workplace wellness! Please visit our Tumblr site, Sizing Up Workplace Wellness, and share your story there! Then share the site with your contacts and encourage them to write in their stories too.

This is your chance to help us make the case against discriminatory wellness programs that are doing more harm than good.

Every day, more workplaces adopt policies that discriminate based on weight in the name of "wellness."  U.S. health care law, despite outlawing discrimination based on health status, allows employers to charge different premiums based on supposed health criteria such as weight, BMI, or waist circumference, and to require participation on "wellness" interventions designed to change weight.  We want to hear from people across the weight spectrum how these policies are affecting you and your workplace.




Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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