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Resolved Video Project  
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The Trailer: 
Resolved: Addressing Weight Bias in Health Care - Project Description
(Please scroll down to find out how to submit your own video.)

ASDAH is producing a short training film to educate health professionals about the harm caused by weight stigma and weight bias in healthcare.This training video (the final product will be 10-15 minutes) will feature the voices of those who have experienced the effects of weight bias in healthcare. We asked people to tell us about their experiences with doctors and other health professionals, and what they would like to say to these practitioners if they could. After you watch this trailer, we hope you will agree with us that these voices need to be heard. In addition to the stories of patients such as those in the trailer, the final film will feature commentary from health professionals on how to treat patients in a weight-neutral manner.

We have completed most of the filming, and now we need funds for the post-production phase, including editing, clearances, music, and graphics. We estimate that our post-production costs will be about $6000. We are asking for $3500 from donors and ASDAH will provide the rest. Please consider donating via our GoFundMe campaign.

We are grateful for the assistance of the Size Diversity Task Force in publicizing this project to recruit participants (see below).

The Project Name
: The Resolved video project originated as an alternative to New Year’s resolutions. Instead of the clichéd weight loss resolution, we asked people to “resolve” to speak out about weight bias. We introduced it in a blog post on January 1, 2013

The Background
: The harm caused by weight bias and weight stigma in healthcare is well documented and includes:
  • Internalized stigma leading to stress and chronic illness
  • Avoidance of medical treatment
  • Over-diagnosis of conditions assumed to be related to weight
  • Under-diagnosis of health conditions because physicians assume that the patient’s weight is responsible for symptoms
  • Increases in incidence of eating disorders and disordered eating

How to Submit A Video:

his year, don’t just make a resolution: become resolved—resolved to participate in a cultural shift. The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) and the Size Diversity Task Force (SDTF) are collaborating to provide you with an opportunity to do just that. Submit your health care story to our Resolved: Addressing Weight Bias in Health Care project.

People of all shapes and sizes experience weight bias, and we want to hear from all of you. Medical concerns are often missed or dismissed because the health care professional makes assumptions based on BMI. 

Sharing our stories is powerful and healing. We encourage stories of both positive and painful experiences. We are looking for stories from across the weight spectrum and from a wide range of experiences, as illustrated by the trailer above.

ASDAH and SDTF will gather the stories and create a piece designed to engage health care professionals.  The goal is to provide education and information on the health benefits of a weight neutral approach to wellness.

Join us in becoming the change we want to see in the world.

Participating is easy:

Submit your story as a short 2-3 minute video, use your phone, webcam or digital camera, or in a written format. Video submissions are preferable. Some guidelines to help:

1. What happened?  Just tell your story. Share a specific situation you experienced, how you felt about it then, how you feel about it now.  Did it impact your health or ability to seek future medical attention?  

2. What would you like to tell your healthcare professional about your experience? Imagine you have the chance to go back and let your provider know how their treatment made you feel.  If you experienced weight bias, what do you want them to do differently next time? If your experience was positive, what should they - and other providers - know about how their words/actions made a difference?

3. End your submission with the following resolution: "I resolve to speak up for bias-free healthcare!"

4. Be creative!  Host a Resolved party!  Invite friends and take turns telling your stories, or interview each other.

Submission process:

1. Upload your video to Vimeo ( You will need to set up a free basic account.

2. Under privacy settings “who can watch this video?” mark only people I choose and then enter

3. Under “what can people do with this video?” be sure to check off download the video.

4. Email the link to your video to

5. Written submissions can be emailed to

If you have a YouTube account and want to use it instead (we don’t have access control) then upload and send us a link with permission for us to download.


Note: Once you have made a submission, we will email you a release authorizing ASDAH and SDTF to use it as part of this project. ASDAH and SDTF reserves all rights with respect to video and written submissions, including the right to edit your submission and distribute our film with no further consideration or permission required.

Submission instructions revised 4.01.13

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